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Campus Village at College Station | Giving Thanks!

Whether you're celebrating the holiday season remotely or with a smaller group of friends and family there are still ways to get into the holiday spirit! We've put together some tips on how we're stayed connected this month! 

- Plan a shared experience
Have a plan to make the same dish, light the same candle and make a playlist so you are all listening to the same music! 

-Meal Prep Together 
Schedule a time to facetime while you prep! Make your family members  favorite dish with them! 

-Send Thanksgiving care packages
Mail or drop off treats and supplies to help guests feel part of the fun. Since you can’t crowd around one table to split a pumpkin pie, maybe you can make pumpkin muffins and drop them off on doorsteps, or make matching centerpieces for everyone to display on their holiday tables.

- Start a new tradition
Instead of focusing on what you can't do, focus on something new you can do! Try a new twist on a potluck, everyone has to share a recipe or have everyone bring a memory or funny story to share. 

Old traditions may be on hold but we hope this helps bring some ideas to keep you feeling connected this holiday season!