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It’s Time for a May Makeover

In need of a re-vamp? Making some small changes can make a HUGE difference and make your space feel brand new!! Follow these budget friendly ideas to give your room the refresh it needs! 

4 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

1.    Throw down a rug
By adding a new stylish rug to a room, it brings life, color, and a bit of comfort! Already have a rug? Change up where it is in your room! 
2.    Make use of multipurpose furniture
If there was ever a multipurpose piece of furniture created, it’s a storage ottoman. It’s a place to sit, place your feet, and even store small items!
3.    Make some creative art
Rather than spend your money on photos, paintings, or prints, get creative and make your own art to hang on your walls!
4.    Smart and Sophisticated 
Nothing says “I’m sophisticated” like a nice bookshelf. You could even get a corner shelf to also save space!